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    15 Pictures That Accurately Sum Up Your Relationship With Your BFF

    ♫ People, let me tell you about my best friend. ♫

    1. When you still text each other even though you're in the same room:

    2. When you get bored in the bathroom:

    3. When you have a sleepover and realize there's no such thing as "your side of the bed":

    4. When you vow to hate the same people:

    5. When you haven't seen each other in four hours, so you have to FaceTime:

    6. When you know you'll always have someone to take care of you, no matter how drunk you get:

    7. When you stalk a potential love interest together:

    8. Or when you drink too much wine and they try and stop you from texting your ex:

    9. When there's no one else you'd rather meet the delivery minimum with:

    10. When you struggle to hit the high notes in the car together:

    11. When you take as many pictures as necessary to get the perfect Instagram:

    12. When they're always there when you need a shoulder to cry on:

    13. When you can stay in and do absolutely nothing but still have fun:

    14. When you always wait for each other to watch your favorite show:

    15. And when you're pretty much perfectly in sync all the time: