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Ruby Rose And Phoebe Dahl Are The Ultimate Power Couple

Warning: This post contains obscene levels of cute.

So by now you've probably heard of Ruby Rose, aka Stella, the new babe of Orange Is the New Black.

1. Unfortunately for the world, she's taken. But tbh, we can't even be mad, because her and her fiancé, Phoebe Dahl, are too damn cute.

2. For starters, they are hip as fuq. I mean really, it doesn't get cooler than this.

3. They do everything together. They travel together...

4. ... and they work the red carpet together.

5. Oh, and did I mention they're a total power couple? Ruby is an actor/model/DJ, while Phoebe is the owner and designer of a charitable clothing line.

6. When they're not taking over the world, they're cuddling and taking adorable selfies like this.

7. Or feasting on some incredible noms.

8. Or just getting super silly together.

9. The two of them really couldn't be cuter.

10. I mean, they wear matching outfits, for goodness' sake.

11. And they support each other completely, even if that means wheeling each other around.

12. They're also the cutest pet parents.

13. And complete bosses when it comes to Halloween.

14. Oh yeah, and they're both total style icons.

15. But the best part is probably just how crazy these two are about each other.

16. So I guess we're more than OK with this happily-ever-after happening.