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    15 Questions You Googled As A Teenage Girl

    Are you there Google? It's me, Margaret.

    1. When you wondered if your body would ever stop looking like a noodle.

    2. When the thought of talking to your mother horrified you.

    3. When you just couldn't figure out the puzzle that is the female body.

    4. Like, really couldn't figure it out.

    5. When you couldn't decode his away message.

    6. When you felt ALL the feelings.

    7. When you watched The Parent Trap too many times.

    8. When school dances were a real source of anxiety.

    9. When you just wanted to know what the future held.

    10. When your hand didn't give you feedback.

    11. When you didn't spend enough time on the back of the bus.

    12. When you realized the world is a terrifying place.

    13. When you wanted to make sure it was mutual.

    14. When you needed a new choker necklace from Claire's.

    15. When you were buzzin' off stolen sips.

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