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    A Café In Canada Makes Completely Edible Teacups, And I'm Ready To Live Out My Willy Wonka Fantasies

    Eat your dessert and your dishes, too.

    If you're anything like me, you desperately wanted to visit Willy Wonka's factory as a kid. I mean, a chocolate river??? Come on.

    But the thing that always stuck with me was the edible teacup. There is something so satisfying about biting into an inanimate object and finding it's actually DESSERT!

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    10/10 would try this at home.

    Well what if I told you there’s a place where you can actually have your teacup — and eat it too?


    Magically delicious!

    Swiss 2 Go is a café in Edmonton, Canada, that serves cheesecake teacups that look straight out of Mr. Wonka's factory.

    The cup, handle, and saucer are all completely edible!


    The cups themselves are cheesecakes, the saucer is chocolate, and the handle is a pretzel!

    Sometimes even the utensils are, too.

    They have over 100 flavors. Seriously. ONE HUNDRED FLAVORS!!


    Like blueberry...


    ...banana nut...

    ...and even tiramisu.

    Basically, you could probably spend an entire day here and still not try all the flavors.


    But that's just an excuse to come back and eat more, right?

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