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I Tried Eating All My Meals With Edible Spoons, And It Was Devastating

Crumbs. Crumbs EVERYWHERE.

Ever since I found out that Bakeys, a company in Hyderabad, is making FREAKIN' EDIBLE SPOONS, I've been trying to get my hands on these bad boys.

I placed an order for 300 spoons. This was in GODDAMN APRIL. Over TWO MONTHS LATER, I received a shipment of 100 of those 300 spoons.

I decided to try it out with various types of foods, to gauge the overall experience. Before that, I had six spoons straight up as a snack.

The first two spoons tasted a tad weird, but I think it was because it still hadn't quite sunk in that I was EATING A GODDAMN SPOON. After getting used to the process (I've been taught not to eat spoons for as long as I can remember), it just felt like any other normal biscuit. Except, you know, it looks like a spoon.


Next, I tried eating my lunch with it. Although I was a bit apprehensive, the spoons held up pretty good with my bhindi sabji.

Towards the end of my meal, I did break the spoon by chewing too hard, which meant I had to get another spoon. However, the broken spoon tasted pretty decent with the bhindi, so it was all good.

However, as my friend Nahim tried using one to eat his chicken pulao, it shattered in the middle, spraying pulao and spoon shrapnel all over the vicinity.

Admittedly, Nahim was also hungry as hell, and could have applied excessive pressure to the spoon. But if you're claiming to be cutlery, you gotta hold up as a regular spoon, dude.


I also got Sumedh to use an edible spoon to mix sugar in his coffee. While the spoon was effective, Sumedh lamented how his coffee "kinda tastes like spoon now".

I tried goading Sumedh into eating the whole spoon, but he took a small bite and said, "Shayan, do you really expect me to eat an entire goddamn spoon", at which point I dropped the idea.


Finally, I asked Rega to try some ice cream with the spoons. But it JUST. DIDN'T. WORK.

I think Rega used three to four spoons, but just couldn't get the spoons to scoop up a satisfactory dollop of ice cream without first disintegrating in miserable fashion.

Seriously, you guys. She really tried.

Finally she used the plastic spoon, mixed the edible spoon fragments in her mango ice cream, and enjoyed a nice, crunchy dessert.

However, I let my ice cream melt a little before I tried it out, and this time, the edible spoons worked perfectly.

I even broke the spoon on purpose to see how it tasted with the ice cream. And it was DELICIOUS.

EDIBLE SPOONS FOR ICE CREAM: 1/5, but 4.5/5 if you have patience or it's hot outside.

All in all, I can say that these edible spoons DO work, except with certain types of foods.

One thing that everyone agreed was that although the efficiency of the spoons was debatable, they made for good snack accompaniments. SNACKOMPANIMENTS.

Just don't try eating something hard with it, or forcefully dipping it into your friend's tea. There will just be a lot of debris, and a lot of disappointment.

Meanwhile, my colleagues and I have finished the 100 spoons in 3 days. I'm going to need the other 200, Bakeys.