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21 Bookstores And Libraries In Asia That Book Lovers Must See Before They Die

Kiss your TBR pile goodbye, because we're heading to Asia.

1. Wuguan Books β€” Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

2. Seashore Library β€” Qinhuangdao, China

3. Starfield Library β€” Seoul, South Korea

4. Book and Bed β€” Various Locations, Japan

5. The David Sassoon Library β€” Mumbai, India

6. Taipei Public Library β€” Taipei, Taiwan

7. Kanazawa Umimirai Library β€” Kanazawa City, Japan

8. Zhongshuge Library β€” Yangzhou, China

9. The Library β€” Koh Samui, Thailand

10. Cafe Comma β€” Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Cafe Comma is the next best thing to curling up in your own bed with a good book. This cafΓ©/bookstore offers small "pods" where customers can bring their purchased drinks and food (and a book of course!) and read the day away in relative solitude.

11. Tianjin Binhai Library β€” Tianjin, China

12. Book Park β€” Seoul, South Korea

13. Library Lounge THESE β€” Tokyo, Japan

14. Eslite Bookstore β€” Taipei, Taiwan

15. College Street β€” Kolkata, India

16. Candide Books β€” Bangkok, Thailand

17. The Bookworm β€” Various Locations, China

18. Woods in the Books β€” Singapore

19. Book Street β€” Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

20. Paju Book City β€” Paju, South Korea

21. Randy's Book Xchange β€” Hα»™i An, Vietnam

Do you have a favorite bookstore or library in Asia that we missed? Let us know in the comments!