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Apr 2015
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    kimloveh commented on Which Movie Adaptation Was Better Than The Book It Was Based On?

    Bridget Jones’s Diary. The book was fantastic but very British, New Labour, 1990s. The movie made it enjoyable for the masses in the 2000s. Plus you get Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. Win win!

    2 years ago

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    kimloveh commented on Here's How Similar The "Fifty Shades" And "Twilight" Characters Actually Are

    The 50 Shades Series started as a Twilight fanfic. So yeah, it was not a coincidence.

    3 years ago

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    kimloveh commented on What Moments In Sitcoms Really, Really Annoy You?

    When six and seven year olds have the vocabulary and cultural awareness of high school students (Disney Channel.) And get away with any amount of sassiness causing others to get in trouble- call at the Michele Tanner gets DJ and Stephanie in trouble mode.

    4 years ago

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    kimloveh commented on Tell Us About The Moment You Met Your Adopted Child

    The FedEx driver came to the door holding an envelope containing photos and medical information on the daughter we had been matched with only one day before. I practically grabbed the envelope out of the poor drivers hand and told him he was the stork-he looked at me like I was crazy… 

    5 years ago

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    kimloveh commented on 7 Myths And Facts About Breastfeeding

    The one thing that is overlooked is almost all adopted children are not breast fed and they are happy and healthy and smart.

    6 years ago

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