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Tell Us About The Moment You Met Your Adopted Child

Truly unforgettable.

When you give birth there is that amazing moment when the nurse gives you your child for the first time.

Flickr: mammaloves / Via Creative Commons

But for adoptive parents there is an equally amazing moment when you first meet your child, and each is unique!

For example, you might have traveled a great distance to have your special moment.

Flickr: itsme_laura / Via Creative Commons

Or maybe your special moment happened in a hospital not long after your baby entered the world.

Kristen Anne Photography

Your special moment may have happened at an airport, too — waiting and waiting until you saw their face.

Tatyana_tomsickova / Getty Images

So adoptive parents, we want to know: Tell us about the unforgettable moment you first met your child?

Flickr: marcalandavis / Via Creative Commons

Share your moment in the comments below and it may appear in a future BuzzFeed article!

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