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What Moments In Sitcoms Really, Really Annoy You?

So many laughs, so many groans.

Sitcoms bring a lot of joy into the world.

But they can also be really annoying.

Perhaps a specific moment in a show really bothers you.

Or maybe it's a catchphrase or quote you want to put in the bin.

Perhaps the unrealistic details bug you - like how nice their apartments are when they don't earn a lot of money.

Or maybe there's a cliché that's used all the time that you hate - like putting an actor in a fat suit for laughs.

There could be a whole damn plot that really made you mad.

Whatever it is that most infuriates you about sitcoms, we want to hear about it - tell us in the comments below, and your submission could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.