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Jun 2016
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    KimbroSlice commented on Women: What Pregnancy Issues Do You Wish You Were Prepared For?

    I couldn’t comprehend how completely exhausted I would be during my first trimester. About two hours into my day (every single day) I’d be overwhelmingly tired. I felt like I couldn’t function... I would actually sneak out to my car to take a nap during my breaks at work, and I was… 


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    KimbroSlice commented on 10 Poop Horror Story "Would You Rather" Questions That Are Impossible To Answer

    My boyfriend and I had spent the day at a local amusement park. I was driving us home when I saw the panic on his face. He was begging me to pull over, but we were on the interstate and the next exit was only a mile away. I saw a gas station as I exited the freeway but wasn't sure… 


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    KimbroSlice commented on As A Woman, Have You Ever Felt Like A Doctor Didn’t Take Your Pain Seriously?

    During the end of my pregnancy I started having severe pain in my lower back and right hip that radiated down my leg into a couple toes. After my daughter was born the pain did not improve. I went to multiple Drs including ObGyns, and primary care physicians. Everyone said nothing… 


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