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Women: What Pregnancy Issues Do You Wish You Were Prepared For?

Pregnancy isn't easy, and knowing what other women have been through will help aspiring and expecting moms feel more prepared and less alone in their own prenatal journey.

Ask anyone who is or has been pregnant: The process of trying to conceive, and pregnancy itself, is a major emotional and physical roller coaster.

It’s a journey, complete with opinions from everyone about how quickly you should get pregnant, what you should put into your body, and why (or why not) you should exercise your way. You can’t follow every piece of advice, though, so you have to pick and choose what works for you!

Because you might need a little help to get through things such as mood swings like you've never experienced before...

...along with nausea, swelling, aches and pains, panting as if you've run a marathon after walking up just a few stairs...

...and just pure, unadulterated exhaustion.

There are also heavier issues that are really difficult to talk about, such as miscarriages and postpartum depression... well as concerns with prenatal health, premature birth, and the related complications that could manifest.

Every aspiring and expecting mom wants to know that someone understands what she's going through, and there are generations of women who have firsthand, tried-and-true pregnancy wisdom to help them feel comforted and supported.

So tell us: What are the tougher aspects of pregnancy you wish someone had warned you about in advance?

Share your thoughts via the dropbox below. The best responses may be featured in a BuzzFeed sponsored post!

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