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24 Ways You're Already Acting Like An Old Lady


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1. When someone says, "Let's grab a drink." You say, "OK, tea?"

2. Partying? How about staying in?

3. Your definition of an exciting weekend is reruns on your sofa.

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4. You stop everything for Antiques Roadshow.

5. You relate more to Golden Girls than to Gossip Girl.


The CW

Blanche Devereaux can do a better bitch face than Blair Waldorf and you know it.

6. When you see people wearing less than fifty layers in cold weather, you want to clothe them.


7. You always choose comfort over style.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @katyperry

8. You'd rather wear this than a thong.

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9. You feel naked without your shawl.

10. You have a pair of house slippers that should probably never see the light of day.

11. Your dance moves are a little dated.

12. You appreciate a nice, hand-written letter.

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13. You have so many knick-knacks, there's no room left on your shelves.

14. Knitting is your jam.

Walt Disney Studios / Via

The winter you learned how to knit, everyone got a scarf for Christmas.

15. You have a truly impressive mug collection.

Katy Elliott / Via

16. Your cat is your best friend.

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17. You're an Olympic baker.

18. When you watch commercials for kids, you marvel at how advanced toys are nowadays.

Crayola /

19. You're stoked to be in bed by 9:30.

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20. You have an irrational fear of falling.

21. You force food on people.

22. You rock a one-piece bathing suit like no other.

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23. You have a closet full of grandma sweaters.

24. Most importantly, you're always taking care of others.

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