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Jul 2013
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    kimberlyh20 commented on Teachers, How Do You Feel About Returning To In-Person Teaching In The Middle Of A Pandemic?

    I'm a doctoral student and a voice teacher at a Florida university and I'm annoyed at being told I'm not allowed to teach my students in person. I think much of the coronavirus response has been overblown but if you really want to do regular classroom courses online, that's fine.… 

    11 months ago

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    kimberlyh20 commented on What’s The Most Unusual Death You’ve Ever Heard Of?

    The wife of a professor I had in college was driving on the highway and a deer ran out in front of her car. She couldn’t avoid hitting the deer and it was propelled over the median into the oncoming traffic on the other side. It smashed into the windshield of a car and killed the… 

    3 years ago

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    kimberlyh20 commented on Where's The Best Cupcake Shop In The Whole World?

    Sweet Mandy B's in Chicago has the best cupcakes I've ever had. Everything there looks fantastic & seem to always have a healthy stream of customers going in & out. Their chocolate mousse pie was solid & when friends of mine have tried their cookies they really liked them.… 

    6 years ago

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