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So, It Looks Like Mel B, Emma Bunton, And Geri Halliwell Have Confirmed They'll Be A Spice Girls Trio

And they're calling themselves GEM. This is NOT A DRILL.

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It's now 20 years since the Spice Girls released their debut track "Wannabe", so of course there have been PLENTY of rumours about a possible 20th-anniversary reunion.


The biggest rumour last month was that Geri Halliwell, Mel B, and Emma Bunton are reuniting and that, WAIT FOR IT...they're planning to replace Victoria Beckham and Mel C.

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Which is a terrible idea, RIGHT? You CAN NOT replace Posh and Sporty, do you hear?

Well, now it seems that that bit might not be true. But it does appear that Scary, Ginger, and Baby are reuniting to mark the 20th anniversary. WOO-HOOO.

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The trio released a video on Friday to mark the day they released "Wannabe" in the UK 20 years ago. The clip said they would be "having a party" to thank their fans. We hope to tell you soon what your want, what you really really want… #wannabe

We hope to tell you soon what your want, what you really really want… #wannabe

But they are yet to reveal the specific information.

WE NEED DETAILS. What we can tell you is that they also launched it on a website called GEM appears to stand for Geri, Emma, Mel. Get it?! So that ~may be~ their new name.


Plus, unfortunately VB and Mel C didn't take part so take from that what you will. 😢

And it also suggests there won't be any pretend Sporty or Posh Spices knocking around, but we shall just have to wait and see, won't we?

Other rumours suggest they're planning a 2017 set of gigs in London's Hyde Park.

Which would be A-MAZING.

But again, we'll tell you more when we know. 🔎