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    The “X-Men” Cast Played The BFF Game And Things Got Pretty Shambolic

    "Guys, I don’t think I’ve ever farted in front of you guys."

    The X-Men cast list reads like a who's who of the big names in the acting world. But one thing we've noticed is they're not just a force to be reckoned with on screen, they're also pretty close friends IRL. Take this example of them fooling around in a behind-the-scenes Dubsmash video, or this in-joke between Sophie Turner and James McAvoy.

    So when a few of the cast members came through London to promote the latest movie in the franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse, BuzzFeed UK decided to test how well they actually know each other. We gave Evan Peters, Sophie Turner, and Olivia Munn a go with the BFF game, where you have to write your answers down WITHOUT conferring, then see if you get the same. And things, well, didn't go amazingly smoothly. Here's what went down...

    There were a few teething problems at the start: Sophie had to teach Evan how to play the game.

    But they soon got into the swing of things...

    Who's most likely to laugh between takes?

    Evan Peters: Nick Hoult

    Sophie Turner: Jen [Lawrence]

    Olivia Munn: Nick [Hoult]

    Sophie: I feel like Jen, right?

    Evan: [shrugs shoulders] We both said Nick so…

    Sophie: [sarcastically] So I was wrong.

    Evan: I would go with you’re wrong.

    This one got them thinking...

    What is Evan's secret talent?

    Sophie: [thinks] Evan’s secret talent?

    Evan: [jokes under his breath] Drinks too much.

    Sophie: That’s true actually [all three giggle]. What’s Evan’s talent, full stop?

    Evan: I can eat large popcorn at movies.

    Sophie: He looks into your soul.

    Olivia: He is giving everyone in this room $100 cash each.

    But they soon forgot how to play again. Here's Evan and Sophie showing their answers before Olivia's written anything down...

    What is Olivia's biggest pet peeve?

    Sophie: Oh, I know!

    Evan: I know too.

    Olivia: [reads answers] Germs. Being late. Yeah! Those are both.

    They were very happy they got it right.

    Sophie: BOOM. Yeah!

    Olivia: Hey guys, we are best friends.

    What is Sophie most likely doing in between takes?

    This one just made them laugh. A lot.

    Evan: [bursts out laughing]

    Sophie: You do not want to know!

    Evan: No, you do not want to know. What are you doing in between takes? Just gassing everywhere?

    Sophie: Just farting EVERYWHERE.

    Sophie: [more seriously] I don't know, what am I doing in between takes?

    But they forgot they weren't supposed to help each other with their answers. Again.

    Evan: Sitting down.

    Sophie: No, don't make me sound boring!

    Evan: You're usually sleeping in your chair. What are you writing?

    Until they finally gave their (slightly cheated) answers.

    Evan: Sleeping in her chair.

    Sophie: Sleeping.

    Olivia: Tripping, farting, falling into garbage cans.

    Olivia: I think that's pretty accurate. I think I know you.

    Sophie: Guys, I don't think I've ever farted in front of you guys.

    Olivia: No but I'm just imagining that's what you're doing.

    Who tells the best dad joke?

    Evan wrote down someone we don't know.

    Evan: Josh McLaughlin.

    Sophie: Yeah... Wait, they won't know who that is!

    Evan: I don't care.

    Evan: Josh McLaughlin.

    Sophie: James [McAvoy] cus he's old.

    Olivia: Me

    Then things went brilliantly off-topic when Olivia asked if we wanted to hear her best dad joke. To which we of course replied we did.

    Olivia: Do you want to hear my dad joke?

    Sophie: Yes! What is it?

    Olivia: OK, so this guy's sitting in a bar and this old man comes up to him and he goes: "I fucked your mum last night." The guy's like, "OK", he takes his beer and moves halfway down the bar. The old man looks at him, gets up, walks down to him again and says to him again: "Your mum sucks the best dick." The guy's like "OK", gets up and goes to the end of the bar now. The old man gets up, follows him to the end of the bar, he sits down and goes: "I'm going to fuck your mum so hard tonight." Finally he goes: "Dude, Dad, go home, you're drunk."

    [Evan and Sophie burst out laughing.]

    So then we ran out of time and could only ask one more question to test how well they actually know each other.

    Who's most likely to turn up to set late?

    And they conferred to agree on the answer. Again.

    Sophie: We're all so punctual.

    Evan: Bryan [Singer].

    Olivia: Who?

    Evan: Bryan.

    Sophie and Olivia: Oh, yeah.

    [all three write down Bryan Singer's name simultaneously]

    Thank you for playing along, guys!

    X-Men: Apocalypse is out now.