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    33 Of The Most Annoying Rom-Com Moments Of All Time

    "Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community about the most annoying things that have ever happened in rom-com movies. Here are some of their most specific and infuriating answers.

    1. "In Love Actually when Keira Knightley's character Juliet is watching the wedding video and says in this horrible simpering voice 'oh I look rather pretty'."

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    "That one line and the way she says it annoys the hell out of me!" –lexieb45c54cc52

    2. In The Notebook where Noah pretty much threatens to kill himself unless Allie agrees to go out with him.

    New Line Cinema

    "Like, how is that a healthy way for a relationship to start? And it's played off as this beautiful romance, but it sets such a bad example that when a woman says she doesn't want to go out, she doesn't mean it, and the man should try everything at his disposal to change her mind, including suggesting she'll be responsible for harm to him. It's encouraging guys to persist even when the girl says no (because that's what girls find 'romantic') and it's encouraging girls to not stand their ground when they mean no." –bubblemuffin246

    3. This line in Mean Girls.

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    "In Mean Girls when Cady sees Aaron playing football and waves, then Regina invites her to shop with the polite words 'get in loser, we're going shopping.' She leaves and Aaron's like... um ok." –susiehunter_8

    4. The Wedding Planner's fucked up storyline.

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    "The cheating. I can't stand it. The Wedding Planner? Hey, I'm supposed to marry this guy, but I know he'll be happier with the WOMAN I HIRED TO PLAN OUR FUCKING WEDDING JUST LEAVE ME HERE I'M GOOD.

    "So many movies have this, and it perpetuates this idea that breaking up someone else's relationship is romantic. It's not." –danie87

    5. It may be iconic now, but this quote in Notting Hill...

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    "Nooooo! I love Notting Hill and I love Julia Roberts but this part is the worst. Just no?" –lauraelizabethx


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    7. The poem Kat wrote in 10 Things I Hate About You.

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    "I love 10 Things I Hate About You, but can we all admit that the poem Kat wrote and read out in class was infantile garbage?!" –alexandrasills85

    8. The Never Been Kissed creepy storyline.

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    "Never Been Kissed: Why the fuck does she not just tell him!! 'BTW don't worry you're crushing on me I'm totally a 25 year old', then he'd be all like 'ah thank God, dw I won't tell no one'. Then BAM they can get together and no one has to get all pissy.

    "Plus the fact that he fancies her in the first place is completely far-fetched, not only is he a much older and cooler teacher but he's completely hot too, he should have no trouble finding someone his own age without preying on weird 17 year olds." –Yas Langley

    9. When Katherine Heigl and James Marsden sing "Bennie and the Jets" in 27 Dresses.

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    "They start singing it together and people around her are all 'whoa, get a load of these guys singing', giving them funny looks and laughing. All of a sudden they got the entire bar cheering at them as they dance charmlessly on the bar like they're fucking KISS or something. The crowd are fucking loving it, but I'm internally screaming.

    "If me and my wife did that, I'd fully expect the security at the Wetherspoons to rightly escort us off the premises. Also, it's hella unhygienic." –m49e0bc002

    10. "Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed."

    Rank Film Distributors

    "That line from Four Weddings. Absolutely." –katem405562d9c

    11. Jamie and Aurelia's relationship in Love Actually.

    Universal Pictures
    Universal Pictures

    "In Love Actually when Jamie and Aurelia get together... Colin Firth being followed by a mob that thinks he's going to buy the girl is hilarious, but come on. Learning another language and chasing a woman you've said like ten words to? And Aurelia learning English 'just in case?' Ugh... gag me. Would NEVER happen!!!" –Abokman

    12. In 13 Going On 30 when Lucy tricks Matt into signing over the photo rights and she takes all of Jenna's ideas to Sparkle and Jenna watches her vision drift away.

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    "I hate Lucy. She's the typical narcissistic, sabotaging, bitchy working woman every rom-com has". –annaschreiber16

    13. In A Cinderella Story at the pep rally when Sam says to Austin: "Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing."

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    "Then when he chases after her and as soon as they kiss it starts to rain. So cringeworthy and expected." –staceykenny1990

    14. The Something Borrowed fucked up friendship storyline.

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    "The two main characters are supposed to be BEST FRIENDS but Rachel sleeps with her best friend Darcy's fiancé! Oh and Darcy sleeps with the guy she thinks is dating Rachel. Best friends don't do that sh@." –alyssab4eeb7f267

    15. At the end of Valentine's Day when Jennifer Garner's character just gets done beating the hell out of a heart piñata and she says "now that's open heart surgery".

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    "SO CHEESY IT MAKES ME WANT TO BARF." –hayleym4893029a3

    16. The 27 Dresses storyline. He's a writer for a local newspaper, you idiot! OF COURSE he was writing an article about you!

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    17. In Love Actually when he tells his best friend's new wife he loves her. What a piece of shit friend!!

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    18. Literally everything about the dude in The Back-up Plan.

    CBS Films

    "He's such a fuckin' arsehole." –jessicao4398ca442

    19. The Dirty Grandpa storyline where Zac Efron's character decides to cheat on his fiancée for a free spirit girl he's just met.


    "First of all the whole plot line was absurd, a grandpa going on spring break right after his wife dies? Regardless... the whole story line where the grandson (Zac Efron) is engaged to be married in like a week and within a course of that week he falls for the 'artsy' girl who smokes pot and lives *~freely*~ instead of his fiancée and decides to date the free spirit girl instead. That's ridiculous! Some lawyer dude is not going to throw away logic and just start dating somebody he just connected with. I turned that movie off before it even could be done it was that bad." –mmffjj92

    20. The long distance "happy ever afters" in The Holiday.

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    "I hate most of The Holiday, but the part that really bothers me is that Cameron Diaz actually brings up a really, really good point with Jude Law, which is they will have an extremely long distance relationship that they will try to make work but will be difficult and she predicts it will ultimately fizzle and they will be hurt. This is a realistic and legitimate worry to have with a trans-Atlantic relationship. Then at the end we see they're still together and dancing around with Kate Winslet and Jack Black — but this REALLY GOOD POINT was NEVER resolved. We're just supposed to assume they'll make it work and be happy with unicorns and rainbows. WHY bring up this issue if you're not going to resolve it??" –Utena7984

    21. Crazy, Stupid, Love's storyline.

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    "I have always been super angry with Crazy, Stupid, Love for ruining a great movie by blaming everything on Steve Carell's character. For some reason his wife (who cheated on him!) gets angry at him for sleeping with a woman who turns out to be his kid's teacher. First he didn't know she was the teacher (which is a completely different story) and second his wife has no ground to stand on with her anger as she, one more time now, cheated on him!!! I have no idea why he has to win anyone back at the end. Maybe Ryan Goslling, but come on, you would also feel a little weird about your daughter being with his character the first time you learned about it too." –gregpweinstein843

    22. But particularly the bit when Jessica gives a 13 year old that she babysits naked photos of herself!

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    "At the end of Crazy, Stupid, Love when (spoilers!) the teenage girl gives the little boy she babysits nude photos of herself to 'hold himself over' until he grows up and looks like his dad who she's in love with. I love that movie but that is creepy af all around." –melindac4cdd9628f

    23. The "Thriller" dance in 13 Going On 30.

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    "I have a love/hate relationship with the "Thriller" scene in 13 Going On 30. On the one hand, I love to laugh at it, but on the other hand, it's too ridiculous and I get so much second-hand embarrassment watching it." –punchandpie

    24. Harry in Love Actually.

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    "The Karen/Harry story in Love Actually. I really hate Harry after what he did. Screw that you have a wonderful wife and kids, you just have to shag the office bitch and then you made the wonderful Emma Thompson cry. Screw you Harry!" –a487fb74c2

    25. Cher dating her step brother in Clueless.

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    "The fact that Cher dates her step brother in Clueless and nobody finds that even remotely weird. Like I know they aren't directly related but that's still strange af." –caraw4438bdc8c

    26. The ending of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

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    "I get so annoyed with the ending of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. When Andi works for a major beauty magazine, gets pissed she can't write about politics, and leaves to go find Ben. If her boss had said yes, would she have not found Ben? Why did you think Cosmo would want articles about politics shoved in between articles about which dildo to buy? I'm not saying rom-com women should be shallow and vapid, but this attempt to make her seem three dimensional felt very half assed." –ScuzzleButt

    27. And how is it that she just dropped the act for like a day and he fell in love with her?

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    "She was crazy for like two weeks but one day of normal and they're in love? Really?" –AccioAnika

    28. When they give Mia a makeover in Princess Diaries and straighten her hair.

    Buena Vista Pictures
    Buena Vista Pictures

    "I have really curly hair and was very self-conscious of it as a little girl. Why can't Mia have beautiful, curly, hair? I love this movie, but this still bothers me to this day." –Meg Koeller, Facebook

    29. Meg Ryan hiding in the closet with her radio in Sleepless in Seattle.

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    "[It] made me straight-up CRINGE. She was so obsessed with Tom Hanks and his radio-broadcast tale of woe, she not only sneaked away from poor Bill Pullman in the middle of the night, but also felt compelled to hide the fact that she was even listening.

    "True, because it's a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan, Nora Ephron-directed rom-com, everything works out in the end and she finally stops leading poor Pullman on, but I couldn't help but to feel bad for the guy. His fiancée was cheating on him with a RADIO." –Chris Roll, Facebook

    30. The fact that in Sweet Home Alabama Reese Witherspoon is just a straight-up cow.

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    "[She] goes home, looks down her nose condescendingly on everyone and everything in her home town (including her parents) and acts like it's a huge shameful thing to have not been a trust fund baby. Then she leaves Patrick Dempsey at the freaking alter!!! Am I supposed to root for that?!?" –Hannah Julia Wood, Facebook

    31. In The Devil Wears Prada, when Nate thinks he's more important than Andy's job.

    Fox 2000 Pictures

    32. When "Mr. Perfect" Mark Darcy had the audacity to read Bridget Jones's diary.

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    Oh, and the fact she's just standing around in the snow in her underwear. –kimberleydadds

    33. And this line from The Notebook.

    New Line Cinema

    "'Say I'm a bird! Say it! Say it now!'

    'You're a bird.'

    'Now say you're a bird too.'

    'If you're a bird, I'm a bird.'

    What the fuck?" – Catalina Gaviria, Facebook

    Disagree with any of these or have more of your own? Tell us about it in the comments!

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