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Which Specific Moments In Rom-Coms Really, Really Annoy You?

Tell us which scenes and storyline tropes infuriate you from different films.

Rom-coms: We've all seen them and we all love them*.

There's the classic films that have plenty of iconic moments in them.

But sometimes they can just annoy you for the smallest reason.

Maybe it's a moment that makes you want to scream at the screen.

Or maybe it's a cliché you see recurring in loads of rom-coms – like having a makeover meaning you can automatically get popular.

Or the fact that love triangles, which we see in rom-coms all the time, rarely exist IRL.

Maybe it's a particular line that bugs the hell out of you.

Or it could be a ridiculous plotline that makes you want to go "eh?!"

Or even one that makes you feel a little grossed out.

Tell us which moments or storylines infuriate you in rom-com movies and why via the Dropbox below, and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!