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How Well Does "The Apprentice"'s Nick Hewer Know The Internet?

He visited the BuzzFeed UK office the other day. We decided to test his online knowledge. The result? Reaction GIFs that dreams are made of.

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He didn't know who Grumpy Cat was but he was very intrigued.

After seeing a picture of Grumpy Cat Nick laughed then commented: "It's got a sweet little face. It's not related to my cat Aida is it?"

2. Then we introduced Nick to Snapchat for the first time. His reaction was priceless.

He asked if the logo was a ghost and told us: "Snapchat, I have no idea what you're talking about."

After some explanation Nick got it and explained back: "Oh I see, so what you're saying is you send something with a self exploding timer on it... Then it's gone. Snapchat, hmm. So what's the purpose of that then?"


4. Although he's quite clued up on Vine. Here's a Vine for proof.

"It's a new visual messaging medium. So why's it called Vine?"


And this.

7. But then he taught as about a different type of Doge.

Matt Tucker / BuzzFeed

A lesson from Nick for BuzzFeed (which he delivered while tutting at my lack of knowledge): "You know what a Doge is, don't you? The Doges of Venice. The Doges were the sort of great ministers of Venice during Venetian times... But now it's some sort of silly dog."


8. We then gave him a quick fire round.

What is the last thing you Googled? London cinema listings to choose a movie to watch. I ended up just coming home.

Pick one - kittens or puppies: Puppies.

Pick one - Nutella or bacon: Bacon.

When you walk into a bar what do you typically order? It depends, Guinness or maybe red wine if I'm in a wine mood.

What word are you guilty of using too often? The word yes. I need to learn to say no more.

What one thing drives you crazy? People littering.

What's your favourite reality TV show? The Apprentice.

What was your first CD? Probably Pink Floyd.

Can you tell us a secret? I am appearing in a pop video.

9. Finally, we asked him if he knew what twerking was. And he did - thanks to the news coverage of Princess Eugenie.

Instagram / Via

Nick explained:

"I do know what twerking is. I've seen a picture of Princess Eugenie twerking with a bear. It's when a person, I suppose a man or a woman backs into something as if he or she is about to have something deeply inappropriate done to them... She was twerking at a grizzly bear."

(The picture of Princess Eugenie was splashed across the news last year, as seen above).

11. Nick is also attempting to become a viral sensation himself - by lip-synching and dancing to Yes Sir, I Can Boogie in a cheeky new video for Cadbury Dairy Milk. Watch it here.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk / Via