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Catherine O'Hara Had A Cute "Home Alone" Reunion With Macaulay Culkin And It Will Make You Feel Things

"He yelled 'Mommy!'"

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The actress revealed about a year and a half ago she saw him at an art opening and he immediately yelled "Mommy!" at her. <3

She explained:

I haven't seen him for years and years, but I saw him two years ago — a year-and-a-half-ago? — at a Martin Mull art opening, and he was coming out, and he went, 'Mommy!' And I said, 'Baby!'

But the pictorial evidence has so far remained on her husband's phone.

My husband, who's usually cool about these things, was like, 'Okay, both of you get together, I'm getting a picture!' And he got beautiful pictures on his phone, which I wish I had to show... He was living in Paris at the time, and he looked lovely, and he was doing really well, and I was happy to see him.

You can watch the interview with Catherine in full here.