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35 Fucking Infuriating Things That Happen In Every Rom-Com

You had me at "rom-com moments that annoy you".

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4. And then there are the small details that just don't add up.

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For example, in Leap Year they go to an outdoor wedding, in Ireland, in February! And then to top it off they sleep on a bench after said wedding. The average temperature in Ireland in February is 5°C (41°F).



8. In fact, the normalisation of the stalking that characters do to win or win back the ones they want is pretty worrying when you think about it.

9. There's also always the message being sent out that guys are the be-all and end-all of EVERYTHING.

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What is with all these women who have wonderful lives, Nora Jones-beautiful kitchens, and supportive friends, but somehow they are deeply unhappy because they are single? SINGLE! GOD NO!

There's more to life than getting a guy, btw.



13. And what about the questionable relationships that are actually kinda creepy in rom-coms?

Cher ends up dating her stepbrother in Clueless. I KNOW, they're not blood-related, but that's still kind of weird, is it not? And the teacher falling for a pretend student in Never Been Kissed. Don't tell me that's not odd as well.



19. ALSO...the lack of communication. A lot of these plots could be fixed if they just had ONE one-minute conversation.

Do you know what words are? Good. Use them to explain the situation to the other person.

–Jessi Watson, Facebook, hollycc, isabelladee01, elisevb2595, judahachenry, and lexy9898

21. And have you ever noticed the double standards throughout rom-com storylines?

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"Nice guy dates bitchy girl, usually for a long(ish) time. Nice girl likes nice guy. Blah blah blah, stuff happens. Nice guy kisses nice girl – cheating on current bitchy girl – but is still the good guy.

"(HOWEVER if bitchy girl kisses/shags someone else she is in the wrong. Double standards or what?!)

"Nice girl and nice guy end up together and no thought is given to bitchy girl who may not actually be that bad. No one gives a thought to the fact that bitchy girl may have just had her heart broken, but it's fine because the 'good' couple end up together in the end." –rebeccad4368d6a5f


23. Then there's the rom-coms that feature super toxic friendships.

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For example, in Something Borrowed the two main characters are supposed to be BEST FRIENDS but Rachel sleeps with her best friend Darcy's fiancé! Oh and Darcy sleeps with the guy she thinks is dating Rachel. Best friends don't do that shit.


24. The gay best friend who is only there to be a sparkly accessory who makes the occasional funny quip.

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Because that's the only role they could be there for. Stereotypes, man.

emmfarc and Dawn Sardella-Ayres, Facebook

26. When one of them always decides to quit their job and leave town because love will never happen for them in a city of 5 million people.

28. All the times we see people calling off a wedding at the last minute, maybe even as the guests are waiting.

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Pretty selfish tbh. And can they really throw away thousands of pounds just like that?

belenl2 and alyssab4eeb7f267

29. No matter how dumb, old, or awkward the dude is, the woman is always young, skinny, and attractive.

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How about the other way around for a change?

–Dawn Sardella-Ayres and Annie Mills, Facebook

30. In fact, the lead female is almost always super slim and incredibly attractive.

Friends With Benefits, 27 Dresses, Pretty Woman, Sweet Home Alabama, What's Your Number?, Good Luck Chuck, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Maid in Manhattan, My Best Friend's Wedding...

–Sara Lee, Facebook

33. When a couple are out to dinner and one of them says something suggestive and they make sexy eye contact, then the film smash cuts to them bursting through a bedroom door making out.

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So many questions. Did they finish eating? Did they just start making out at the table?! Who paid the bill?!? Why didn't they take home the leftovers??


35. And they always follow the same formula.

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"Girl/guy hates something in their life (job, living situation, etc.) they have the best friend there for comic relief (sometimes a slutty friend, sometimes a gay friend). Usually they're either secretly in love with someone, or still pining over an ex. Either they end up dating the wrong person, and that wrong person does something douchey, or they fall in love with the random stranger/friend that's been there all along – yet (not-so-plot-twist) they have some sort of fight/fallout that gets resolved by some big romantic gesture or speech that makes every sap cry. And there is your basic plot summary for 80% of chick flicks."

–Taryn McCarl, Facebook

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