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Everyone Thinks Katy Perry's House Falling Off The Brits Stage Is A Metaphor For The Housing Crisis

"Goodbye, house I'll never be able to afford."

At the Brit Awards on Wednesday night, Katy Perry performed on stage with what looked like hundreds of backing dancers dressed up as houses.

Agent: "You're going to be performing alongside Katy Perry!" Dancer: "WHAAAT?" Agent: "As a house." #BRITs2017

Look at them all.

Well, it of course didn't take long for people to start making house-related jokes.

Nice of Katy Perry to join in with @BuzzFeedUK's housing crisis week by illustrating the average age of a first tim…

.@KatyPerry brings the house down, literally 🏠😂 #Brits 🎥 @BBCNewsEnts @BRITs #MUSICBiz…

People were having a field day.

watching the london housing market get away from you

And then this happened – one of the dancers accidentally fell completely off the stage.

I'm crying the House fell off the stage 😂 🏠 #BRITs2017 #KatyPerryBRITS

So naturally everyone made the same kinds of jokes.

goodbye, house I'll never be able to afford

Every millennial hoping house prices crash this hard #brits #BRITs2017

It was a bit hard not to, really.

a metaphor for the british housing crisis

There were jokes about getting on the property ladder.

A millennial trying to get on the property ladder.

Falling of the property ladder 😏

me, a #millenial, trying to get onto the property ladder #katyperrybrits #brits

And, of course, a lot of references to Brexit.

The #brexit affect?House prices falling!😱🐳👍🏼

The Katy Perry #BRITs2017 house incident neatly summarises the post #Brexit housing market cliff-edge

We were all thinking the same thing, let's be honest.

Nice of Katy Perry to give us a visual representation of Brexit 😂😂#FallingHousePrices

I wonder if the falling house in @katyperry's BRITs performance was a comment on the housing market post-Brexit...

It's the new left shark.

@katyperry forget left shark and introduce the new better right house