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Housing Crisis

Housing Crisis

10 Ways To Fix The Housing Crisis

Making renting less of a nightmare and making housebuilding actually profitable would be a good start, apparently.

Housing Experts Criticise Cash Compensation Proposal

The government is reportedly considering giving money to people living in towns near large-scale residential projects, in a move dismissed as ineffective by analysts and campaigners.

Does A London Slowdown Mean The UK Is Headed For A Housing Crash?

As the threat of Brexit plunges the property market into uncertainty, house prices in London are finally falling after years of growth. BuzzFeed News speaks to housing experts who say this could be part of a much wider and worrying trend.

This Woman Could Go Blind Because Of Poor Housing Conditions

As new data shows that 60% of people in private rented accommodation in London are living in poor housing, BuzzFeed News spoke to a woman who faces losing her sight because the state of her home is preventing her from having a sight-saving operation.

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