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One Of Katy Perry's Backing Dancers, Dressed As A House, Fell Off The Stage At The Brits

*Insert joke about property plummeting*

ICYMI, Katy Perry gave an incredible performance at the Brit Awards on Wednesday night.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

It included a couple of giant puppet skeletons.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

And there seemed to be a ~slight~ similarity between the giant skeletons and some – ahem – prominent public figures.

But mainly it involved an awful lot of backing dancers dressed as houses.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Seriously, lots of houses. And they all danced perfectly along to queen Ms Perry.

Justin Tallis / AFP / Getty Images

Until one of the dancers, perhaps unable to see because they were dressed as a goddamn life-size house, accidentally fell off the stage.

I'm crying the House fell off the stage πŸ˜‚ 🏠 #BRITs2017 #KatyPerryBRITS

A representative for the Brit Awards told BuzzFeed UK that the person in the house was OK.