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    Meet Japan's Biggest Werewolf Nu-Metal Band

    Man With A Mission is probably the world's first and only rock band of raucous wolfmen.

    Meet Man With A Mission, one of Japan's biggest nu-metal/post-grunge/party rock bands.

    They claim to be wolf-headed humans bioengineered by Jimi Hendrix. In public, they always stay in character.

    They're into laddish late 90's post-grunge, and enjoyed touring Japan with The Offspring. They'd like to work with Linkin Park, Rage Against The Machine and Fallout Boy, guitarist Jean-Ken Johnny said.

    They're also renown pranksters in Japanese media.

    Sometimes they go on talk shows.

    The host can't seem to handle.

    And sometimes they challenge pro-wrestlers.

    And sometimes they plank in front of Jeeps, or hang out on hammocks.

    And sometimes they hang out with Weezer.

    They don't seem to enjoy amusement parks.

    Their 2011 tour was called "草食男子絶滅ツアー," which roughly translate to "eradicate all twee dudes."

    They want to tour Europe more and play in England.

    Showtime in New York. Time to get on stage.

    Among the crowds of fans were extremely serious-looking record label execs.

    Onstage, they unhinge their wolf-jaws so they can sing.

    They put on a energetic live show and were unflappable joyous showmen.

    They'll be playing a show in Los Angeles this coming Thursday.

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