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    12 Comics That Will Ruin Your Childhood

    What's Airbud up to these days? You don't want to know.

    1. Sonic the joyless ring-hoarder.

    2. Airbud the freebase hound.

    3. Tintin regretted how he told his own adventures in the Middle East after reading Edward Said's "Orientalism".

    4. No Country For Old Donkey Kongs.

    5. Luigi: unpaid intern for life.

    6. Ash: voted worst boss of ever.

    7. Poke-juche.

    8. Tony The Tiger lost his health insurance.

    9. The end of Link's quest:

    10. Why Garfield hates Mondays.

    11. Scooby's free love coop ran into tough times in the 80's.

    12. Trick or treat! What's your costume?