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    Posted on Oct 5, 2015

    Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Reunited After Her "SlutWalk"

    What does this mean?

    Here's some background: this weekend Amber Rose hosted her first annual SlutWalk in Los Angeles.

    Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic / Via Getty Images

    Rose held the event as a way for women, minorities, and the LGBT communities to come together in solidarity and stand up against society's judgements.

    During Rose's emotional speech, she publically forgave former boyfriend Kanye West and ex-husband Wiz Khalifa for their negative comments in the past about her.

    The Hollywood Fix / Via

    After the SlutWalk was done, Rose went about her business, until she posted a photo of her embracing former husband Wiz Khalifa.

    The caption read, "still ballin'" which could refer to the couple working on co-parenting their son Sebastian.

    You do you guys...

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