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Updated on Aug 31, 2020. Posted on Nov 23, 2015

The 50 Best Jaden Smith Tweets Of 2015

"That Moment When Peeing Feels So Good You Start Crying"

1. On Uber rides and emotions:

2. On having a good cry, again:

3. On wearing dresses:

4. On injuring himself from dancing:

That Moment When You, "Whip" So Hard, You Tear A Ligament In Your Neck.

5. On staring at Owen Wilson:

6. On Shia LaBeouf:

7. On Kanye running for President:

8. On Kanye West's viral sneakers:

9. On Kanye West's dancing:

10. On girls who are pretty but don't smile:

11. On modern day texting:

12. On relationships:

13. On peeing:

14. On feeling at home:

15. On hard work and real issues:

16. On Chemtrails:

17. On taking on a new hobby:

18. On where he'll be in five years:

19. On building a bed for the first time:

20. On purchasing the components to make his third bed:

21. On idols becoming journalists:

22. On how pretty girls hang out in flocks:

23. On performing:

24. On ~balance~:

25. On becoming attached:

26. On twerking and Coachella:

27. On Sweet 16 parties:

28. On North West:

29. On Instagram:

30. On Instagram, again:

31. On a lack of sleep:

32. On life's problems:

33. On choices:

34. On personal hygiene:

35. On feeling old but being young:

36. On tweeting:

37. On consciousness:

38. On 50 Shades Of Grey:

39. On working out:

40. On working out, again:

41. On being mistaken for sister, Willow:

42. On "The Dress":

43. On words and their meaning:

44. On movie clichés:

45. On The Media:

46. On the grass being greener:

47. On dreams:

48. On friendly disagreements:

49. On getting his license:

50. And finally, on the permanence of tweets:

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