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The 50 Best Jaden Smith Tweets Of 2015

"That Moment When Peeing Feels So Good You Start Crying"

1. On Uber rides and emotions:

2. On having a good cry, again:

3. On wearing dresses:

4. On injuring himself from dancing:

That Moment When You, "Whip" So Hard, You Tear A Ligament In Your Neck.

5. On staring at Owen Wilson:

6. On Shia LaBeouf:

7. On Kanye running for President:

8. On Kanye West's viral sneakers:

9. On Kanye West's dancing:

10. On girls who are pretty but don't smile:

11. On modern day texting:

12. On relationships:

13. On peeing:

14. On feeling at home:

15. On hard work and real issues:

16. On Chemtrails:

17. On taking on a new hobby:

18. On where he'll be in five years:

19. On building a bed for the first time:

20. On purchasing the components to make his third bed:

21. On idols becoming journalists:

22. On how pretty girls hang out in flocks:

23. On performing:

24. On ~balance~:

25. On becoming attached:

26. On twerking and Coachella:

27. On Sweet 16 parties:

28. On North West:

29. On Instagram:

30. On Instagram, again:

31. On a lack of sleep:

32. On life's problems:

33. On choices:

34. On personal hygiene:

35. On feeling old but being young:

36. On tweeting:

37. On consciousness:

38. On 50 Shades Of Grey:

39. On working out:

40. On working out, again:

41. On being mistaken for sister, Willow:

42. On "The Dress":

43. On words and their meaning:

44. On movie clichés:

45. On The Media:

46. On the grass being greener:

47. On dreams:

48. On friendly disagreements:

49. On getting his license:

50. And finally, on the permanence of tweets: