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Vivica A. Fox Appears To Suggest That 50 Cent May Be Gay

It seems like two can still play that game...

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Anyways Vivica went on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night ,and during the "Empire State Of Mind" segment Andy asked her a question about 50 Cent's comments that Empire's ratings have dropped because of all the "gay stuff."

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Vivica responded, "That's the pot callin' the kettle black is all I'm saying," prompting speculation that Vivica was referring to 50 Cent being gay. Vivica remained mum, but it was all in her facial expressions and reactions.

Vivica went on to state that 50 Cent looked like a "booty snatcher" on an old magazine cover with Soulja Boy.

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Well...50 Cent, never one to remain mum, took to Instagram to respond to Vivica's allegations...

Vivica remained pretty much unbothered though, and responded on Twitter to 50 Cent's response...

Yea he did! Made some funny posts! I was like oohh u in ya feelings!! Lol ;)


This spat could be over, but knowing 50 Cent and his notorious reputation for being an internet troll, this could just be the beginning...

Here's the full clip:

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