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Sep 17, 2016

22 Things People Wish They Had Before Moving Into Their First Home

Before you move in, make sure you have these essentials!

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us what products they needed before moving into their first apartment. Here’s what they said:

1. Something to hold all your important documents in one place.

Amazon / Via

"A good, reliable place to keep your important documents! When I got my first place, my mother bought me a small, cute accordion file holder to hold all the important paperwork." —Angela Vega, Facebook

Price: $5.49

2. A decent vacuum to keep the floor sparkly clean.

Amazon / Via

"My roommates and I were all so grateful when my mom got us a handheld vacuum cleaner. It's easily the most useful thing in our apartment. Now we finally clean all those little corners we were too lazy to get to before." —Katherine Robinson, Facebook

Price: $75

3. Command hooks to hang up basically everything.

Command / Via

"Honestly, Command hooks are SO important. I thought I would grow out of needing them after college, but they make attractive metal-looking ones that make me feel like an adult without ruining the walls of our rented home!" — Lena Skelton

Price: $6 (for a pack of six)

4. A slow cooker for ridiculously easy meals that are ready when you get home.

Amazon / Via

"Having a slow cooker is a must, especially when you are just starting out." — Emily Strachan, Facebook

Price: $29.50

5. A plunger (or this convenient plunger-and-bowl-brush set).

Amazon / Via

"A plunger. You DON'T want to get caught without one when you need one." —Sheryl D. Silva, Facebook

Price: $12.79

6. Curtains to block out the light.

Amazon / Via

"Curtains. So often overlooked...until it's dark outside and you want to sleep." — Sunshine Then, Facebook

*This one's pretty subjective because you have to find curtains to match your ~aesthetic~, but start here for some options.

7. Miscellaneous things you didn't know you needed (and somewhere to store them!).

Amazon / Via

“The things that were in the junk drawer of your parents' house. Scissors, tape, batteries, tacks, pens, and pencils. You don’t realize just how much you’ll end up needing them.” —Felicia Peralez

Scissors, glue, tape, rubber bands, a lighter, etc.

8. A coffeemaker that actually works.

Amazon / Via

"Coffee. Maker. So important. I had a bunch of furniture and some kitchen appliances when I moved into my first place, I even sorted the Wi-Fi out before I moved in, and I was so proud I had it all figured out...until I woke up the first morning and no chance of coffee." —Fanni Kruppa

Price: $22.49

9. A smoke alarm and fire extinguisher in case of emergency.

Amazon / Via

"A smoke alarm and fire extinguisher. They're what you need the most but the first things you'll forget when you're thinking about coffee tables and bar carts." —Emily Elizabeth

Price: $25.57 and $19.98, respectively

10. Photo frames to show off your loved ones.

Amazon / Via

"Photo frames with your favorite people, pets, and memories in them." —Sam Stuart Arthur Walker

Price: $10.41

11. Cutting boards so you don't ruin your plates or countertops.

Amazon / Via

"Definitely cutting boards. Easy to forget, but cutting stuff on plates becomes less and less ideal as time passes." —Whitney Davidson, Facebook

Price: $22.99 (for a set of four)

12. A snow shovel, because winter is coming.

Amazon / Via

"A shovel. If you live in a place where heavy snowstorms are a common occurrence, don't forget to buy one before winter." —Marie-Pierre Champagne, Facebook

Price: $25.76

13. A toaster oven for when the big oven is too much to handle.

Amazon / Via

"A TOASTER OVEN. Literally you can cook anything and everything in it. You will need one." — Caroline Taylor

Get this one for $34.

14. A good pan to make everything in.

Amazon / Via

"A large, high-sided pan. I use it for everything: sauces, cooking meat, curries. Everything." —essbee1322

Price: $21.99

15. A first-aid kit, because shit happens.

Amazon / Via

"I learned after just a few days living on my own that I reeaalllyyy needed a first-aid kit. It came with an assortment of Band-Aids, Motrin, Neosporin, etc. It was perfect for me. I grew up so used to my parents having all of it stocked. I didn’t bother to think of buying any of it until I cut myself with a kitchen knife and had no Band-Aids on hand." —CassyyyMichele

Price: $22.21

16. A microwave for when you get those late-night munchies.

Amazon / Via

"You might think just 'cause you have a stove, you’ll be cooking ALL the time in your new place… WRONG. Definitely get a microwave. You’ll be using that thing way more than you even realize. Hot Pockets and Pizza Rolls are your new best friends." —michaelac49b19764c

Price: $87

17. Bath mats so you're not slipping and sliding all over the place.

Amazon / Via

Bath mats! I didn’t think to buy them, and found myself slipping on the wet floor after a shower. —lizw45b3e4d04

Price: $15.50 (for a set of two)

18. A trash can for every room.

Amazon / Via

"It may seem really obvious, but trash cans are a necessity. Moved into my first college apartment with three other girls and none of us thought to bring trash cans. Luckily, we had plenty of empty cardboard boxes from moving, so we just kept using them until we got around to buying actual trash cans!" —sarahm4696ac17e

Price: $6.99

19. An electric drill for when a regular screwdriver won't cut it.

"An electric drill. LIFESAVER." —katekpp

Price: $24.99

20. A stepladder that folds up for easy storage.

Amazon / Via

"A stepladder! Unless you’re crazy tall, you’re probably gonna need something to give you a little boost at some point. Whether it’s changing lightbulbs or getting something out of that weird little cabinet above the refrigerator, it’s one of those things that you don’t realize you need until, well, you need it." —hollyskittlesb

Price: $25.49

21. A corkscrew that is easy to use.

Amazon / Via

"I had most of the essentials when I moved out…except for a corkscrew. Opening that first bottle of wine with a knife was not an easy feat." — sheilar4ad1205a8

Price: $6.84

22. A shower curtain (and liner!).

Amazon / Via

"A shower curtain. We got everything but the shower curtain. We were getting water all over our bathroom floor and walls for a week until we actually bought one. It’s always the boring stuff you forget about." —Supernova96

So this one's also subjective and up to your own personal bathroom decor, but here's a good place to start.

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