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Apparently There's Such A Thing As "Summer Penis" And It's Because Of The Heat

"Doctors confirm the heatwave is having a positive effect on the size of male genitals."

So, today I was busy browsing the Internet looking for something to write...It's very humid in New York City today and I just thought it was going to be a normal muggy day.

But, to my surprise, I came across the following story:

UK heatwave is giving men 'summer penises' | Daily Mail Online

"WHAT?!" I thought to myself. I've never heard of this before...A...Summer...Penis?!?!

My immediate confusion and curiosity led me to instantly click on the Daily Mail article.

The headline read:

Apparently there is a giant heatwave going on in the UK right now...and it's causing the men across the pond's penises to "appear larger."

The Daily Mail article said the following:

"One man asked users of an online forum if anyone else's genitals grow during the summer months.

Many men were quick to respond that soaring temperatures cause their penises to appear larger, their erections better and make them into 'showers instead of growers'.

Doctors confirm 'summer penises' do exist, with one saying sweating and drinking more water makes male sexual organs appear 'bloated'."

Clearly, there hasn't been any sort of official scientific study, so don't take the claim too seriously, but it is hilarious AF — you’ve got to admit.

@jimwaterson Altogether now: 🎵Summer Penis, had me a blast Summer Penis, happened so fast🎵

They even spoke with a doctor who said that, "he believes hot temperatures cause blood vessels to widen and penises to 'swell', adding: 'There's a reason people don't take honeymoons to the North Pole'."

So this brings me to ask you my dear reader friend, do you or someone you know seem to be experiencing "summer penis"? Like, is this a real thing? It's pretty hot here in the U.S. too so naturally a similar thing should be occurring, right?