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    22 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Every Single Thanksgiving

    Thanks to #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies, we can all finally talk about how insane our relatives are.

    1. Getting there ON TIME:

    2. Eternally waiting:

    3. Trying not to make eye contact so you don't have to say grace:

    4. Oscar winning performances:

    5. Staying out of sight:

    6. Being told to "talk":

    7. That one cousin:

    8. And those other cousins:

    9. Seeing this pot and knowing it's almost time:

    10. GLORY:

    11. Unless you're stuck at the kids table:

    12. Keeping your eyes on the prize:

    13. Mom overstepping boundaries:

    14. Your personal Oceans 11:

    15. That one cousin:

    16. Coming up with a plan:

    17. Trying to hide exactly what you're throwing away:

    18. Being comatose:

    19. THE HORROR:

    20. Waiting an eternity, again:

    21. The realization:

    22. And, finally, opening up the fridge and finding this the next day: