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26 Times Pizza Saved The World And You Didn't Even Know It

Thank you, pizza. Thank you very much.

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1. When it restored our faith in love.

2. When it gave Doug something to live for.

Nickelodeon / Via

3. When it taught Clarissa an important lesson about percentages.

Nickelodeon / Via

4. When it quietly comforted Bart Simpson late at night.

Fox / Via

5. When it taught Arielle about surface world delicacies.

Disney / Via

6. It's magical powers somehow help Karlie Kloss look even more beautiful.

7. When Peggy really needed one specific type of pizza. And she got it.

AMC / Via

8. When these guys used it to get through community college.

NBC / Via

9. When it helped Cinderella go from drab to fab.

Cheezburger / Via

10. When it helped fuel Britney's sassiness.

11. When it forced Justin to say "Bye, Bye, Bye."

12. When it tried to wake Lindsay up from the nightmare that is her life, but couldn't.

13. When it taught Corey what an ultimatum was.

Disney / Via

14. When it helped this guy tap into his telepathy.

15. When it taught us all that there is a "proper" way to eat pizza too.

16. When the delivery guy was FourFiveSeconds from your door.

17. When it got Anderson Cooper to endorse it for the sake of news and nourishment everywhere.

18. When it made this little beauty queen give up her hopes and dreams, just for a taste.

TLC / Via

19. When it slipped right through Hans fingers and went to the dark side.

20. When it helped Walter White de-stress.

AMC / Via

21. When it gave Chris Evan's life.

22. When it...LOL

23. When it caused Bieber to lose control.

24. When it helped along this woman's exorcism.

25. When it taught tech employees everywhere to always be ready.

26.'s equalizer.

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