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Aug 4, 2015

24 Pictures That Are Way, Way Too Real For Picky Eaters

It's a lifestyle.

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1. Acceptance:

2. Every receipt looking like this:

3. Or like this:

Via Twitter: @URBNAnalysis

"Cheeseburger, hold the cheese."

4. This being news the entire world needs to hear about:

5. The little reject pile:

6. Constant reminders of your habits from everyone you know and love:

7. Spending way too long at the dinner table growing up:

8. Along with people having lit'ral physical reactions to you trying something new:

9. Keeping your food separate like you're splitting the Nile:

10. The "trying a food for the first time" face:

11. Being prepared for ANYTHING:

12. Or just living that Kids Menu life:

13. Little victories:

14. And even littler victories...

15. Predetermined menus meaning an empty plate:

16. Repeating yourself to avoid disaster:

17. Eating dinner at a friend's house and watching the food coming out like:

18. Your plate compared to everyone else's plate:

When your friend invites you to eat but you're a picky eater

19. Pretending you're not hungry when you feel like this:

20. When someone says "Just try it! You'll love it!"

When @HannahThomasL tries to explain that she's not a picky eater....#k

21. When someone asks your favorite type of food:

22. Your friends realizing how momentous your accomplishments are:

23. When you finally do get food, ending up with a plate that looks like this:

24. And, in the end, accepting your future like:

Via Twitter: @kristinlrivera

It's a lifestyle.

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