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    You've Gotta See Josh Brolin Reading Trump Tweets As Thanos From "Avengers"

    LOL, the voice is spot on.

    This is Josh Brolin, he's a damn good actor.

    And this is Josh Brolin as Avengers: Infinity War villain Thanos:

    Last night, Josh stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and the two had a lively conversation:

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    As usual, Josh gave a great interview and the pair discussed acting, arm wrestled, and Josh even took his shirt off leaving the audience screaming with glee.

    But when the subject got to Brolin's role as Thanos, Colbert says that, "people have compared Trump to Thanos".

    Brolin also said that, "people had a multitude of reactions to the Thanos character."

    After the political discussion, Colbert went on to have Brolin read some Trump tweets in Thanos' voice (note: some of the voice in the movie is CGI) and the results were—well, they were something else...

    We figured out one of the few ways to make Trump’s tweets enjoyable: Have Thanos read them. #LSSC

    Again proving the notion that we don't deserve Josh Brolin.

    This Josh Brolin video is a big mood