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JoJo Explains Why Selfie Sticks, Donald Trump, And Saying "On Fleek" Needs To Leave (Get Out)

This is JoJo's world; we're all just living in it.

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Iconic queen of pop, JoJo, is making her way back onto the music scene after a problematically long amount of time with the release of a new tringle LP appropriately called III. (Because there are 3 songs on it, duh).


1. Bucket hats: Stay!

JoJo: You can stay. I like bucket hats. I think they look cute on guys or girls. I mean, look, if you're having a greasy hair day or just not feeling putting in any time just throw on a bucket hat.

2. Flip phones: Stay!

JoJo: I kind of miss the flip phone.

Your phones in your video were so iconic.

JoJo: Iconic or just "of the time." I mean that's just what we had. Sidekicks, I'm not trying to bring it back. I kind of want an iPhone and a flip phone.

3. Guacamole: Stay!

JoJo: Pshhh stay guac. I'll eat it by itself, chips, plantains, give it to me.

Does it annoy you that you have to pay extra at Chipotle?

JoJo: Does it annoy me? I just accept that it's one of those things.

4. Bottled water: Stay!

JoJo: We need water and the tap water isn't very safe everywhere… so I'll take what I can get where I can get it.

5. Selfie Sticks: Leave (Get Out)

JoJo: I just don't like the look of holding this thing out. I'm definitely a fan of selfies and we all take them, but I just think it's kind of ridiculous.


6. Vegans: Stay!

JoJo: They can stay. I have some vegans in my life. There's nothing wrong with them, they mean well.

7. Facetiming: Stay!

JoJo: Just don't screenshot anything.

8. Snapchat: Stay!

JoJo: I'm still getting the hang of it. It's cool. It's really quick. I think it's cool.

9. Thirst traps: Stay!

JoJo: I like to follow girls and guys… but mostly girls who are posting the bikini shots and all types of body things. I'm into it. I fall into the thirst trap sometimes. I'm like "yes, like, you look good."


10. Tinder: Stay!

JoJo: Tinder can stay because I love hearing the stories my friends tell me. People need to protect their hearts… no need to swipe everyone.

11. Donald Trump: Leave! (Get Out)

JoJo: Donald has got to go. Like, bye.

12. Green juice: Stay!

JoJo: Stay because you can't eat as many vegetables as you're supposed to. I mean, yes you can but it takes a lot of time and a lot of vegetables to get as many as you're supposed to have. Or maybe I just like to overdo it. By having the green juice you can kind of supercharge your body with all those nutrients. I'm into it.

What's your favorite green juice recipe?

JoJo: Everything green. Spinach, kale, cucumbers, celery and cutting it with lemon and ginger. Keeping the apple out of it.

Do you make your own juice?

JoJo: I used to. I used to have a juicer and then I broke it because I just went OD on it, I guess. And it's hard to clean but it's expensive to keep on getting the juices… but I'm a fan of doing it yourself.

13. Kale: In between

JoJo: I like kale. I did without you for so long, and now everyone is like "kaaale." I was eating spinach for a long time and that was fine.


14. Hoverboards: Stay!

JoJo: I think they're here to stay. We were having a conversation about it earlier, like is it a fad or are they just here to stay. I think they're here to stay. I want one for the the airport.

15. The ocean: Stay!

JoJo: Ocean, we need you. Please stay. Don't get too big on us just stay right where you are.

16. The phrase "on fleek": Leave! (Get Out)

JoJo: I don't believe it when it comes out of my mouth… but if it sounds good coming out of yours then cool.

17. The word "millennial": Stay!

JoJo: We're millennials, right? I don't care. I don't care what you call us!


18. Colored hair: Stay!

JoJo: Yeah, stay. You can play around with your look. I wanted to go gray a couple years ago and my team was like, "Ugh, no. You'll look like an old lady." I'm like... WHAT ABOUT NOW?!

19. Memes: Stay!

JoJo: ALWAYS. STAY. It's one of my favorite things about BuzzFeed. You guys are the "meme queens."

20. Physical CDs: Stay!

JoJo: Stay. Come back. I miss you.

21. Netflix and chill: Stay!

JoJo: It's one of my favorite activities. You mean like, "Come over we'll watch some Netflix and chill and thennn..."

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