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21 Foods That Prove Japan Is Lightyears Ahead Of Everyone When It Comes To Snacks

BRB, moving to Japan.

1. First of all, there are vending machines everywhere!

2. Speaking of vending machines, some restaurants have you use one to place your order before you sit down.

3. They have ready-made pancakes TO-GO:

4. If you have a sweet tooth, there are cheesecake flavored Kit Kat's for crying out loud.

5. Strawberries are a delicacy and can cost a lot of money, in Japan they also come in different colors.

6. And OMG, even their hospital food looks fucking delicious.

7. Boiled eggs are a quick snack all over Japan. Usually the center has some sort of spice to give it an extra kick.

8. There are eggs boiled in volcano water.

9. So 7-Eleven is basically heaven on Earth in Japan and you can get a full on pasta meal there.

10. Wait did I mention how awesome 7-Eleven is in Japan? You can get a freakin' ice cream cone.

11. Chocolate covered potato chips, yum!

12. Frozen escargot from Costco is totally a thing.

13. You can get an entire platter of fresh sushi from Costco, too.

14. The cheese at Taco Bell is ridiculously cute, because it's star shaped.

15. There's this delectable Sakura Mochi.

16. The way this machine pours a beer means you'll never have to worry about too much froth.

I am finally in Japan and this is the biggest development

17. There are alcoholic juice boxes!!!

18. Woah, there are clear lattes.

19. There's also peach Coke.

20. Pink Pepsi is totally a thing, too.

21. And finally...teeny tiny beers!