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22 Products Anyone Who Loves A Drink Will Appreciate

Bottoms up!

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A Chambong for classy partying.

Amazon / Via

Price: $24.99

2. A pumpkin tap kit just in time for fall.

Amazon / Via

Price: $34.95

3. Entertain, drink, and eat with this convenient bamboo party pal plate.

Fancy / Via

Price: $9

4. Opening a beer with one hand has never been easier with this contraption.

Amazon / Via

Price: $14.95

5. Bloody Mary Beef Straws are one more reason to enjoy the most classic of cocktails.

Benny's Original Beef Straws / Via

Price: $10

6. 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die to read about the world's most delectable spirits.

Amazon / Via

Price: $15.99 for the hardcover

7. Stop roommates or your spouse from touching your favorite drink with this bottle lock.

gokeyless / Via

Price: $15.26

8. Chill your wine quickly without making the bottle cold with the corkcicle.

Fancy / Via

Price: $28

9. Go incognito and carry your six-pack in style with this beer briefcase.

ThinkGeek / Via

Price: $39.99

10. Wine condoms to keep things fresh.

Via, Firebox / Via

Price: $13.97

11. Even better, wine wipes to get rid of red teeth discreetly.

Amazon / Via

Price: $13.54

12. How convenient is this wine glass that holds an entire bottle of wine.

Price: $10.99

13. When you wanna wind down and relax, but still get your drink on, get this tub wine glass holder.

Amazon / Via

Price: $8.99

14. Lawn drink holders that work in grass or sand make boozing at the park that much easier.

Amazon / Via

Price: $14.50

15. An automatic beer chiller to keep your beers cold no matter what.

16. Whiskey stones for when you don't want to dilute your drink.

Amazon / Via

Price: $6.95 (for a set of nine)

17. Ice cold shot glasses, made of ice!

Via, Amazon / Via

Price: $9.76

18. A chemist cocktail kit for when you want to be brainy and boozy.

ThinkGeek / Via

Price: $29.99

19. A membership to the craft beer club, which sends you a dozen specialty brews each month.

Craft Beer Club / Via

Price: $39

20. A beer cap map to chart your travels.

Amazon / Via

Price: $34.95

21. For the boozy gamer, get nostalgic with this Game Boy flask.

Fancy / Via

Price: $20

22. Give your bottles a unique pour with this party animal bottle topper.

Price: $9

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