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21 Inexpensive Gifts For The Cool Guy In Your Life

You'll probably want to keep these for yourself.

1. Cool pins to decorate jackets or bags.

2. This funky calendar that will spice up any desktop or nightstand.

3. The Poké Ball serving set that lets you catch all the snacks.

4. This "bulletproof" rocks glass to enjoy a libation.

5. A wooden knife that you actually put together your damn self.

6. A headphone stand that doubles as a USB hub.

7. A wild new party game to get wild with on a night in.

8. A cool book to inspire big dreams.

9. Or this fancy AF guide to take his style to new heights.

10. If he's "techy" and into video games, Google's Daydream is a comfy VR headset that provides endless hours of entertainment.

11. If the Daydream is too pricey, then Google Cardboard is the next best thing to enjoy the virtual world in 360 degrees.

12. This sexy pour-over coffee machine will help him step up his caffeine game.

13. A completely customizable Lego coffee mug.

14. If he's more of an espresso guy, try these iconic espresso shot glasses.

15. A minimalist gunmetal flask to fill with their favorite poison.

16. A membership to a hot new ~exclusive~ hot sauce club.

17. A cool piece of art to decorate bare walls.

18. Or a retro movie poster that's sure to trigger some nostalgic vibes.

19. A new pair of festive briefs for him to wear for you all year round.

20. This sleek ceramic heater is practical, but it also looks damn good.

21. If you really want to ~splurge~, get a minimalist watch.

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