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Did GQ Fuse Chris Pratt And Paul Rudd To Make The Perfect Man?

They're literally the same person.

Chris Pratt is GQ's June cover boy.

He looks great! But there's something strange about this photo.

GQ / Via

Upon further inspection, Pratt looks A LOT like Paul Rudd!

GQ / Via

Remember when Chris did this in his Marvel movie Guardians Of The Galaxy?


And then Paul did this in HIS Marvel Movie, Ant Man.


Crossing Finger / Via

Even when they dress up they still look very much alike.

Jesse Grant / Getty Images


Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Even Google THINKS they're the same person.


Google thought THIS photo was Chris Pratt!

Fameflynet Pictures / FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

Here's a reference point although Paul is closer to his current age and Chris was ~younger~.

Journey To Euphoria / Via

Twins right?

  1. So, what's the verdict?

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So, what's the verdict?
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    Hell yea! Those two are practically the SAME person.
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    Nope, nope, nope. I will not accept that these two men look alike.

Read GQ's full cover story interview on Rud...I mean Pratt over on their site.

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