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    18 Hilarious Pieces Of Life Advice That Are Also Real As Fuck

    "Never put your hands into a hole that you can't see into."

    1. This gentle tip:

    2. An amazing lesson for children:

    3. The key to less traffic:

    4. The truth in this statement:

    5. Send this to every college student:

    6. Commas are very important:

    7. Who knew a piece of clothing could be so wise:

    8. Helpful hint, don't ask your real doctor Dr. Oz questions:

    9. Um...ok, I guess that's one way:

    10. THIS:

    11. Google's digital assistant is a shining star:

    12. Future me thanks you:

    13. People who don't know how to drive in the show, pay attention:

    14. I like where this goes:

    15. Fair enough:

    16. The tennis puns here are striking:

    17. LOL, best yearbook quote, maybe ever?

    18. In the end, everything seems to make sense: