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50 Cent Let His Money Do The Talking In An Instagram Response To Rick Ross

Money talks.

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Background: Rick Ross went on the radio last week and spoke on a lot of things... One of them being 50 Cent's recent bankruptcy filing, according to Complex.

You may remember that some years back Rick Ross and 50 Cent got into an epic rap beef. Many shots were fired, and feelings were definitely hurt. 50 Cent was declared the winner, but Ross persevered and made it out with his career still intact. Fast forward to last week when Ross went on The Breakfast Club to discuss himself and his latest album, he took shots at 50 Cent and his recent financial troubles.

Well... 50 Cent fired back via his Instagram and... see for yourself.

50 showed visually that despite the bankruptcy filing, he's far from broke.

And well... what more is there really to say?