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    These Are The 17 Most Annoying Things On Snapchat

    Here are some pointers to not piss off your friends.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what things they find annoying on Snapchat. Here's what they shared:

    1. Using the dog filter excessively.

    @kylizzlesnapchats / Via

    "[The dog filter is] overused, nobody wants to see six seconds of you sticking your tongue out, angling your face, and running your hands through your hair. Maybe that's my bitterness talking."

    —Sarah Reynolds, Facebook

    2. Making your Snapchat Story exclusively about your significant other.

    @kylizzlesnapchats / Via

    "I love Snapchat, lol, but I had someone who would just post all about their boyfriend. Like, all her snaps were about him and some snaps were of them making out, and her showing off her hickies. I just couldn't [take it anymore] so I deleted her."

    —Lili Sandoval, Facebook

    3. Sending a snap to your Story and also directly to followers.

    Screenshot / BuzzFeed / Via Snapchat

    "I hate when people send a Snapchat to pretty much everyone individually and also put the same snaps on their story. I'll see it on your story. You really don't have to send it twice, EVERY SINGLE TIME."

    —Alexa Collinson, Facebook

    4. Snapping and driving.

    kylizzlesnapchats / Via

    "Stop snapping and driving! Nobody wants to see you pelting down the motorway singing along to Justin Bieber. You're actually endangering people's lives!"

    —Lucy Anne Dye, Facebook

    5. Turning your story into Snapchat radio.

    6. Snapchatting an entire concert.

    7. Posting snaps using every filter available.

    Jimmy Fallon / NBC / Via

    8. People who post snaps outside of Snapchat.

    Ingrid Michaelson / Via

    "No matter how flawless a filter makes you look, DON'T MAKE THAT SNAPCHAT YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURE. You look silly with a fake flower crown on."


    9. Posting your entire gym routine.

    Kim Kardashian / Via Snapchat

    "The worst is when people do like five Snapchats in a row of them at the gym, with a text that says 'my routine today.' No one cares, you're a beast, we get it. *rolls eyes*"


    10. When people snap spoilers to movies and TV shows.

    literarily / Via

    11. Screenshotting in general.

    Via Snapchat

    "The unwritten rule is don’t screenshot!"


    12. Don't send random dick pics.

    Natalie_board / Getty Images



    13. Breaking snap streaks over 100 days.


    "Don’t break a snap streak if it’s over 100 days. Breaking a long snap streak can ruin friendships."


    14. Staying up late and logging your progress.

    Snapchat, Snapchat / Via Snapchat

    "Fucking hell! The people who stay up late, and use the time filter to show it. It's like, OK, we get it, sleep is for the weak."


    15. Lip-synching on your Story.

    FX Networks / Via

    16. When people make important announcements using the "chipmunk voice."

    Via Snapchat

    "People who announce their important news in the chipmunk voice! We can’t understand you!"


    17. And posting photos in your underwear to show off your "new socks."

    Lance Stephenson / Via Snapchat

    "The men that post a full-body picture in just their underwear and socks. They also make sure they get a good bulge angle, and caption it 'fave socks.' We know why you posted it ... Girls do the same thing too, selfies with their boobs out like, 'new lipstick??' C’mon, you’re not fooling any of us."


    Now get outta here and snap better!

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