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15 Memorable Facts About Filipino-American History You Should Know

"Forgotten Asian Americans" no longer.

To celebrate Filipino-American heritage in honor of AAPI Heritage Month, I asked Fil-Ams from all over the country to share what they want the world to know about Filipino-Americans — what makes them memorable rather than forgotten.

1. Filipino-Americans are the second largest Asian-American group in the United States.

2. Filipino-Americans are the largest Asian-American group in 11 out of the 50 states.

3. Filipino-Americans are one of the fastest growing immigrant groups in the United States.

4. Filipinos were the first documented Asian people to arrive in the United States.

5. The Philippines is the only country in Asia to have been fully colonized by the United States.

6. A quarter of a million Filipino-Americans are veterans of World War II.

7. Filipino-Americans contributed significantly to the American labor movement, particularly with the United Farm Workers movement in the 1960s.

8. Filipino-Americans have been a part of many advocacy movements throughout U.S. history.

9. Filipino-Americans have a significant presence in the arts and in hip-hop culture.

10. Filipino-Americans are more likely than other Asian-American groups to marry outside of their race.

11. One-fifth of the Filipino-American population is multiracial.

12. Filipino-Americans identify as members of many different religions.

13. Many Filipino-Americans also choose not to identify as Asian or Asian-American, often due to a history of exclusion.

14. Filipino-Americans have unique experiences with racism.

15. And while May is Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, October is Filipino-American History Month!