12 Underrated Shows I Honestly Wish More People Were Watching

    This is must-see TV right here.

    There are so many TV shows out there right, so it’s perfectly understandable that some great ones may have passed you by.

    Personally, I rely on other people and word of mouth to find out what's worth watching.

    Here are the shows that I’ve found that I dig, and hope you dig them, too.

    1. Abbott Elementary

    Janine (Quinta Brunson) stands in front of a whiteboard with words written on it as Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph) looks on

    2. American Auto

    3. The Big Leap

    Piper Perabo smiles softly as Paula on "The Big Leap"

    4. The Gilded Age

    Tom (Thomas Cocquerel) kisses Marian's (Louisa Jacobson) hand on "The Guilded Age)

    5. Grand Crew

    6. How I Met Your Father

    7. Kevin Can F***k Himself

    Annie Murphy furrows her brows intensely as Allison on "Kevin Can F**k Himself"

    8. Naomi

    Kaci Walfal as Naomi stands around with friends holding flashlights and looking at something

    9. Single Drunk Female

    10. South Side

    The group from South Side stands around holding a thermostat

    11. Superman & Lois

    Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch embrace as Clark Kent and Lois Lane

    12. Yellowjackets

    What shows do with more people knew about?

    Let us know in the comments below!