22 Masterful Television Episodes That You Can Enjoy Without Watching The Whole Series

    You don't need to set aside binging time to enjoy these small screen masterpieces.

    The mark of an unforgettable television series is the ability to highlight episodes that will stand the test of time and offer emotional, layered storytelling that remains effective with every additional viewing.

    Of course, these moments can come from episodes that flip the script on what you may expect from the series, or mark a turning point in which the show transcends normal entertainment and becomes a pop culture landmark.

    With this in mind, I’ve assembled 22 television episodes so good that you don’t need to even watch the series as a whole to enjoy them:

    1. “The Bent-Neck Lady,” The Haunting of Hill House

    A young woman is visibly scared by a presence in her darkened bedroom

    2. “Modern Warfare,” Community

    3. “407 Proxy Authentication Required,” Mr. Robot

    4. “Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery,” Murderville

    5. “Join the Club,” The Sopranos

    Edie Falco and Michael Imperioli stand distraught in a hospital waiting room

    6. “Teddy Perkins,” Atlanta

    7. “Here’s Not Here,” The Walking Dead

    8. “A Trial to Watch,” The Goes Wrong Show

    9. “Out of Gas,” Firefly

    10. “ronny/lily,” Barry

    11. "The Life and Crimes of New Jack," Dark Side of the Ring

    Professional Wrestler New Jack sits for an interview in a large theater

    12. “Chapter 14,” Legion

    Dan Stevens, in a haggard visage, attempts to have a conversation in a restaurant

    13. “Episode 6,” Gangs of London

    14. “Pancakes; Divorce; Pancakes,” Review

    15. “Beyond the Sea,” The X-Files

    16. “Escape from Sh*t Mountain,” Poker Face

    17. “The Watchers on the Wall,” Game of Thrones

    18. “Trou Normand,” Hannibal

    19. “Black Tie,” 30 Rock

    A bizarre dignitary attempts to seduce a blonde woman in a black dress

    20. “Fly,” Breaking Bad

    21. “The One with the Football,” Friends

    22. And finally: “The Constant,” Lost

    Two bearded men stare intensely in a cramped room

    What's your favorite episode on this list? Do you know of any TV episodes that can be enjoyed without ever having seen the full series? Share in the comments below!