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    21 Amazing Hidden Gems You Can Stream On HBO Max

    These underrated movies from HBO Max's vast catalog might just make your night.

    Though streamers like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video had a few years' head-start on HBO Max, there's no denying the latter service has quickly assembled one of the most impressive catalogs of films currently available.

    1. The East

    "The East"

    2. Kwaidan


    3. SLC Punk!

    "SLC Punk!"

    4. Fatale


    5. Only Lovers Left Alive

    "Only Lovers Left Alive"

    6. Alan Partridge

    "Alan Partridge"

    7. Ricochet


    8. Monsters


    9. Welcome to Collinwood

    "Welcome to Collinwood"

    10. Murder by Numbers

    "Murder by Numbers"

    11. The Thirteenth Floor

    "The Thirteenth Floor"

    12. Bronson


    13. World’s Greatest Dad

    "World's Greatest Dad"

    14. The Cooler

    "The Cooler"

    15. Mindhunters


    16. The Wackness

    "The Wackness"

    17. Time Bandits

    "Time Bandits"

    18. The Grifters

    "The Grifters"

    19. Boogie


    20. Airheads


    21. Beyond the Black Rainbow

    "Beyond the Black Rainbow"