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    Christian Bale's 23 Most Electrifying Performances, Ranked

    With Thor: Love and Thunder rumbling towards theaters, let's look back upon Christian Bale's most riveting roles...

    For 40 years, Christian Bale has proven himself to be a force of nature in the performing arts, a status he hopes to further cement with his upcoming villainous performance in Thor: Love and Thunder.

    23. Public Enemies

    "Public Enemies"

    22. Equilibrium


    21. I’m Not There

    "I'm Not There"

    20. Shaft


    19. Newsies


    18. American Hustle

    "American Hustle"

    17. Reign of Fire

    "Reign of Fire"

    16. The Dark Knight Rises

    "The Dark Knight Rises"

    15. Velvet Goldmine

    "Velvet Goldmine"

    14. The New World

    "The New World"

    13. Harsh Times

    "Harsh Times"

    12. Batman Begins

    "Batman Begins"

    11. 3:10 to Yuma

    "3:10 to Yuma"

    10. Ford v. Ferrari

    "Ford v. Ferrari"

    9. The Big Short

    "The Big Short"

    8. The Machinist

    "The Machinist"

    7. The Dark Knight

    "The Dark Knight"

    6. Rescue Dawn

    "Rescue Dawn"

    5. Vice


    4. The Fighter

    "The Fighter"

    3. Empire of the Sun

    "Empire of the Sun"

    2. The Prestige

    "The Prestige"

    1. American Psycho

    "American Psycho"