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11 Reasons To Send More Snail Mail

Remember the joy of going to the mailbox to find a handwritten letter just for you? Keep that feeling alive!

Katie Murt • One year ago

7 Queens We Should Be Worshipping

We all love our Beyonces and Lanas and Gagas, but there are plenty more queens who deserve our attention and love. Bow down.

Katie Murt • 4 years ago

10 Of The Best Songs Named After A Girl

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a song featuring their name. For those of you who are, know that the rest of the world is secretly jealous.

Katie Murt • 5 years ago

5 Drugstore Beauty Products You Need In Your Summer Arsenal

Let's face it — when all of the money from your summer job is being spent on poolside snack bar food and local happy hours, there isn't much left over for beauty products. With a trip to the drugstore, taking care of yourself this summer doesn't have to be expensive.

Katie Murt • 5 years ago

10 Stages Of Having A Crush On Someone (in Adam Sandler GIFs)

Because who knows romantic comedy better than Billy Madison himself?

Katie Murt • 5 years ago
Katie Murt • 5 years ago

10 Oldies Songs That Will Become Your New Jam

Looking back on all that "corny" music you were exposed to as a kid, you realize that some of it wasn't half bad.

Katie Murt • 5 years ago

When It's Your Last Semester Of College

Seniors, the end is near. College is temporary, but reaction GIFs are forever.

Katie Murt • 5 years ago