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10 Stages Of Having A Crush On Someone (in Adam Sandler GIFs)

Because who knows romantic comedy better than Billy Madison himself?

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1. Out of the blue, you meet someone through a mutual interest or acquaintance. / Via

Maybe they laughed at your joke or gave you the classic once-over. The excitement of vibing with someone!

2. But how can you tell if there's really something there? / Via

Dropping subtle hints to all mutual friends while trying to assess the situation becomes your main topic of conversation.

3. You try to find excuses to cross paths with them. / Via

Oh, what a coincidence, I was shopping for Twizzlers and a Slurpee, too!

4. Finally you exchange phone numbers. / Via

Commence that sweet, sweet flirty texting. It's your chance to get to know all about their likes and interests!

5. Your friends start to make fun of your new relationship. / Via

So what if it's corny? You're happy and that's all that matters!

6. Things with your new boo are really great for a few weeks. / Via

Every day is better than the last!

7. But soon they stop texting back as frequently... / Via

Was it because you talked too much about Chipotle and your spiritual connection to Liz Lemon?

8. Those small stings of rejection begin to creep up... / Via

Yeah, like *they're* so great.

9. But you have your old standby Netflix to see you through the hard times. / Via

Netflix has never once let you down.

10. And you remember why being single is so great! / Via

Find someone to appreciate you or move on to the next. It's as simple as that!

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